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Read more about specific aspects of Places of Hope, such as the Land-makers and the Ateliers. And watch and hear remarkable video and sound fragments.


Places of Hope Audio Tour

Listen to Maarten Hajer en Michiel van Iersel, the curators of Places of Hope, discussing the origins and development of the exhibition while they walk you through the various exhibition spaces. Along the way they will tell you about their personal drive and the experience to make this exhibition. In a seperate short conversation they raise the question whether we have to make a personal sacrifice if we want to life sustainable lives?


Land-makers newspaper

The so-called Land-makers take center stage at Places of Hope. The group consists of a selection of approximately thirty people who, both literally and metaphorically, give shape to the future of The Netherlands. As part of the exhibition a special Land-makers newspaper was published, telling the stories of the Land-makers, their projects en collaborations.

For example, you will get to know Klaas Sietse Spoelstra of the ‘Kening fan ‘e Greide’ project (Frisian voor ‘King of the meadow’) or you can read why Nienke Rixt Jukema is fighting for a dark night sky with visible stars.

Download the newspaper

Meet the Land-makers


Cinema of Hope

Science Fiction films are thriving with images of the future. Places of Hope asked sci-fi specialist Dan Hassler- Forest to make a compilation of urban societies depicted in science fiction films.

What will cities look like in the future? How will we travel: horizontally, or perhaps even vertically? What will our homes look like? But also: will cities continue to function? Or will we run into new problems? How will we make decisions? Will we still dance and party? Are there places of hope in science fiction?

An impressive 78 films will fly by in just 10 minutes – an extravaganza!